Jen Allan Photography

10 Porters Row

This house represents the early 1900s and shows several aspects of Victorian Modernisation. Piped gas serves as lighting in both downstairs rooms. Running water is provided by a single cold tap in the scullery, allowing the installation of a flushing toilet in the back yard.


The parlour is a very formal room, with treasured family portraits and mementos filling the shelves and walls. The parlour would not be used in day to day life but would be kept for best.


In contrast, the kitchen is the centre of everyday life. The large range, which occupies the fireplace. Is used for heating and cooking.


A scullery and toilet were built to the rear of the house during the late nineteenth century. The scullery contains the sink and a coal fired copper for the washing.


The yard gives access to a communal kitchen garden. images, and other content


I admit that some of these images are less than perfect, but they are from way back. I hope to go back again in 2014 to obtain better ones, which I will then use to replace the current content. Some areas I did not visit can also be recorded.