Jen Allan Photography

12 Porters Row

The 1950s saw a period of post-war prosperity, and this was reflected in the increasing numbers of labour-saving devices seen in the home.


In the comfortable living room a modern tiled hearth has been installed. There is a radiogram and a small black and white television, both still luxuries.


The small kitchen contains an electric stove and kettle, as well as a vacuum cleaner and a hand agitated washing machine. Hot and cold running water is piped to the sink. (The kitchen has been altered to allow access to the Museum offices on the upper floor)


This house was not lived in after the late 19th century as numbers 11 and 12 were converted into a workers canteen or "galley".


The garage to the rear was also built in the late nineteenth century to house a fire engine used around the dock estate.



I admit that some of these images are less than perfect, but they are from way back. I hope to go back again in 2014 to obtain better ones, which I will then use to replace the current content. Some areas I did not visit can also be recorded.