Jen Allan Photography

Back Kitchen

There is a large stone sink in this room for washing clothes or dishes. Many other tools in here for butter making, pig killing and sheep clipping. Unfortunately I do not seem to have any other images of this room - probably because of serious lighting problems. Maybe at some point I will be able to get back there and fill in some of the many gaps - and see all the latest additions to the collection.




The Parlour




Upstairs corridor to bedrooms.




I have a few problems with the bedroom images, I seem to have some of the rooms missing; these are three different rooms but I have no further information.
The only one I am certain about is the third one - the servant's room. As I go through these images, the more I realise I need to get back to Beamish and do a better job of it!


A few odds and ends which don't 'fit' in other sections.

View of the garden from the ground floor.


Garden view from upper floor.


Not sure what this equipment is, but it looks interesting!


Lamp in the same area as the unknown equipment.


Poster attached to one of the trees on the path to the Manor entrance. 


Window ledge


One of the horses on the farm, never actually got to see the farm itself.